St Louis Top Ten Qualifying Info

As many of you know last year was the first time the Virginia District sent two teams to the St. Louis Tournament. This tournament is meant to include the top 10 quizzers from each district split over two all-star teams. Please check your email for details about the qualifying process.

Any student who is interested in qualifying for the St. Louis top 10 tournament must go online and register their interest prior to the registration deadline for the Virginia District Kick Off Quiz. This registration process is not registering you for the St. Louis Tournament. It will simply provide an official list of those who are interested. The only time element to this registration is that it is done by the registration deadline for Kickoff. It will not matter if you are the first or last person to complete it as long as you complete it by the deadline. By filling out the registration you are committing to attend the tournament if you qualify. As such I will be sending a second email detailing all the particular logistical info you will want to know before you commit.