What is Teen Bible Quizzing?

Download this printable Basics of Teen Bible Quizzing handout for distribution.

Teen Bible Quizzing is a unique ministry that combines a study of the Bible, competition,
fellowship and disciple-making into one program that is attractive to teenagers.

The NYI Bible Quizzing Rules and Guidelines (Aug 2018 rev) and Virtual Quiz Supplement are both available here for review.

What is the aim of teen quizzing?

Endorsed and governed by Nazarene Youth International, teen quizzing aims to become:

1. An avenue of meaningful Bible Study for youth to attain a deep and intimate knowledge of Scripture
2. A means of increasing fellowship and interaction among youth around the world
3. An integral part of the outreach and discipleship aspects of local church youth ministry
4. A medium for the training and mentoring of youth leadership
5. A catalyst for encouraging active participation in ministry and mission projects
6. A bridge for building relationships between youth from different backgrounds
7. An arena for exciting Christian competition.

Where can I learn more about Teen Bible Quizzing?

The overall Teen Bible Quizzing ministry is part of Nazarene NYI (Nazarene Youth International): http://nazarene.org/nyi/global-bible-quizzing

The Virginia District is part of the Eastern Region ("Field") which includes states from Maine to Virginia:
http://www.easternregionquizzing.com/.   Also see the Eastern Field Nazarene Bible Quizzing Facebook Page

The Eastern Region ("Field") is part of the USA-Canada Region Nazarene Church, which has some basic info here on quizzing:
http://www.usacanadaregion.org/youth-quizzing. Specifically, the "Leader Resources" page has a good overview on
quizzing mechanics and the Links page has links to many regional and state websites.

http://nazarene.org/ministries/nyi/ministries/quiz/display.html is another page that has some basic Bible Quizzing info.

Helpful Quizzer Links: See our Quizzer Resources page!

Download this printable Basics of Teen Bible Quizzing handout for distribution.