Typical Quiz Year Calendar

August: Quiz Camp (the annual study and kick-off event of Teen Bible Quizzing).  Held the 4th Full weekend in August prior to Labor Day

September Quiz: Last Saturday

October: Last Saturday in October (This is typical, but not guaranteed; it could be the 4th Saturday)

November Quiz: (No Quiz (typically) – Quizzes prior to 2016 were held in November, but are now in October

December Quiz: 1st Saturday

January Quiz: 2nd or 3rd Saturday*

February Quiz: 2nd Saturday

March Quiz: 2nd Saturday (Va District “Finals” Quiz)

April: BonCons for quizzers qualifying for and going to Regional (Field) “Finals” in Boston

May: Regional (Field) “Finals” in Quincy MA – Eastern Nazarene College.  Regional Finals are held the second Thursday-Sunday after ENC commencement.  This is usally the 4th full weekend, but can vary depending on the ENC schedule.  This date changed (from the first full weekend to the second full weekend) in 2017 to allow more time for ENC to be prepared for the event.

Late June: National Finals for quizzers qualifying for and going to National Finals (different locations each year, coinciding with NYI Conferences).

*Most years we quiz on the 2nd Saturday, unless Va District Winter Retreat conflicts. In that case we will quiz on the 3rd Saturday.  Keep an eye out for the schedule each year on our Quiz Calendar and in our Facebook Group.