Q2016 Field A Division Final Results

From Bucky Wince, the Virginia District Director:

As the Eastern Field bus that took the majority of our participants to Q2016 has finally arrived back at its destination in PA; I wanted to take a moment and do a final recap of how well the teams and each of the individual quizzers from our Field finished. I will list the teams from our Field that made the playoffs in their division and their final placing. I am also listing the individual quizzers from our Field and their final placing in their respective division. I will list the individuals that finished with at least a 20 point average or higher. This means they averaged at least one or more correct answer per round. There will be a separate post for each division.

Q2016 Field A Division Final Results:

8 teams with 41 total participants

Eastern A Team finished in 5th place

Individual Results:

1st Place: Calvin Reedy

10th Place: Josiah Reedy