Q2016 District Experienced Division Final Results

From Bucky Wince, the Virginia District Director:

As the Eastern Field bus that took the majority of our participants to Q2016 has finally arrived back at its destination in PA; I wanted to take a moment and do a final recap of how well the teams and each of the individual quizzers from our Field finished. I will list the teams from our Field that made the playoffs in their division and their final placing. I am also listing the individual quizzers from our Field and their final placing in their respective division. I will list the individuals that finished with at least a 20 point average or higher. This means they averaged at least one or more correct answer per round. There will be a separate post for each division.

Q2016 District Experienced Division Final Results:

41 teams with 195 total participants

Seeing Double (Virginia) finished in 1st place
Macaroni And Destruction (MAD) 4th place
Like-Minded (Virginia) 7th place

Individual Results:

3. Calvin Reedy
4. Timothy Frudd
16. Josiah Reedy
17. Beckah Lynn DuShaw
22. Mari Marie Braun
33. Aaron Smith
46. Ethan Kruse
50. Daniel Smith
54. Brianna Skrivanek
58. Katelyn Godwin
61. Jessie Lasko
69. Naomi Starr
70. Sean Brennan
77. Christina Sturm
74. Mia Lasko
83. Richard Davis
85. Abby Lasko
90. Katie Lasko
93. Alyssa Young